Megaphone Dashboard

In-depth legislative tracking, reporting and collaboration

Projected to launch Q1 2023.

Powerful Features, Beautiful Design

Megaphone Dashboard’s powerful functionality is beautifully designed for anyone to easily understand.

Who’s the Dashboard for?

The Lobby Dashboard is our B2B platform, which helps power our mobile app. It will provide unparalleled levels of time sensitive data and up-to-date micro and macro polling, giving our users the competitive advantage needed to provide the best possible advice and data to their clients. They can tailor their data mining to individual populations and get real-time insight into issues of importance.

What does it do?

Unparalleled level of access to legislation at every level.

Database is updated daily with all available documents. Updates will change to hourly as soon as possible.

Customizable in-depth tracking, analysis & reporting tools

Our automatic report features allow you to track any topic area and 

Powerful search and filtering capabilities for any activelegislative activity

Bookmark, annotate, and share documents with other users such as clients or legislators.

Built-in collaboration tools to keep teams up-to-date onany issue

Utilizing user activity, we can generate true numbers on individual beliefs and trends of importance, all in real time. Using blockchain, we gather this data while protecting users’ anonymity and without having to ask for it.

Meet the mobile app, powered by Megaphone Dashboard

Personalized Ability to Track & Influence Legislation at All Levels